Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

In my last post I showed you a movie about long-termer Ledi and her first swimming class. You saw that Ledi was not a huge fan of the water, but as part of her weight-loss program, she went in anyway. Little did Ledi (or we) know that her swimming video would be seen and loved by her future forever family. On Friday Marianne and I took Ledi for her second swim class. She had quite a few things to say about the trip as well as another thing on her mind.

Page_01 Page_09 Page_02 Page_03 Page_04 Page_05 Page_06 Page_07 Page_08 Page_10And just a couple of days later, Ledi had some visitors who, after seeing what a well-behaved girl she was in her video, came to meet her in person. Ledi couldn’t wait to tell you what happened next!

Ledi adopton with Linda (1) Ledi new familyWe are over the moon about Ledi’s new life. Another happy beginning for a shelter dog!

Here are all of the Blog Dogs who got adopted in the past week.


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My name is Knuckles McGee and I’m Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

Knuckles McGee is one smart, not to mention, very talented five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He has become the favorite of many staff and volunteers at WHS and yet he has not been found by his perfect family. Daniel is one of his fans.

KnucklesHere he is with two more of his fans, Linda and Marianne.

KnucklesKnuckles McGee has been waiting for an active person looking for an energetic, happy dog since May 27th. He weighs sixty-eight pounds and is an exuberant boy, so should go to a family with older children. He can be picky about his dog friends, so would need to meet any he would be living with. However, when he meets a dog he likes, there is no stopping the fun they have. Here is a photo of him in playgroup with one of his BFF shelter pals, sent to me by Chelsea, our WHS Behavior and Training Coordinator. Notice, as always, he’s carrying a tennis ball, even in rowdy play.

13616163_1806647029623970_335728320_o2 13588836_1806646992957307_1476725573_o-12 13633461_1806646989623974_1144671552_o2I decided our boy needed a movie to showcase what an amazing dog he is. He was very happy to be the star of his own show.

All of us who love Knuckles McGee have our fingers crossed that he will soon be in a home of his own.




I have a little cold, but I feel fine and will soon be all well!

Jonny is a one-year-old Staffordshire Terrier mix who is looking for a person who wants a smart, happy, exuberant, food-motivated dog to be a new best friend. Jonny needs to work on impulse control, so his adoption package includes a WHS training class called Check In and Chill Out. He LOVES attention and enjoys working on skills, so training will be a blast for both Jonny and his new person. He’s a ball dog, has a good sense of humor, and has the most beautiful eyes—one blue and one brown. Because he is so active, he’ll need to go home with older kids or just adults. He loves treats and people. He is getting over a cold at the moment, but is feeling good enough for a great game of fetch with Marianne. While he can run like the wind, he also settles down after play and enjoys quiet time with a person.

DSC_25142 DSC_24772 DSC_25112 DSC_25162 DSC_25172 DSC_25702 DSC_25352 DSC_25392




Yep! We are really this adorable! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

I first met Katie and Kimmy last Wednesday, shortly after they arrived at WHS. They were nervous and a bit uneasy with handling, but it wasn’t long before they began to relax and warm up. Katie and Kimmy are bonded sisters and need to go home together, as they are lost without each other. They have been BFF since they were born, nine years ago. They are Lhasa Apso mixes and yes, are as cute in person as in these pictures. Marianne and I had them out in a yard when we happened to see BJ, our WHS Executive Director. She couldn’t resist spending some time with the girls.

Kimmy and Katie

Kimmy and KatieKatie and Kimmy are house-trained and happily had the run of the house in their old home very successfully. They have not lived with cats or children and can be fearful of sudden movements and loud noises. They will need to live with older children or just adults. They are very happy souls who are looking for a loving home to spend their retirement years together.

 Kimmy and Katie   Kimmy and Katie On Sunday, Kimberly and Kylie got to spend time with these sweethearts, who as you can see, are getting more comfortable being at the shelter.DSC_28252




Sometimes people assume I’m a boy because of my name, but I’m a girl!

Rusty is a six-year-old Bull Dog mix who has become very popular at the shelter. She has been an outdoor dog much of her life and would like to be an indoor/outdoor dog in her new home. She’ll need a little help and patience from her new person to teach her about house-training. (Most dogs, however, who have lived outside, don’t have an issue with house-training, since they have always gone outside and that seems natural to them.) Rusty is a sweet, happy girl who loves to play fetch. She has lived with another dog and older children, but no cats. She can be shy around new people and is afraid of loud noises like fireworks and thunder. On Sunday I found Rusty out in a yard with Marianne having a great time with a tennis ball. When I walked in, this is how she greeted me.

Page_1 DSC_26612 DSC_26822 DSC_26852 Page_2  DSC_26892




I was here a long time ago. Now I’m back, hoping for a forever home this time.

Roscoe was adopted from WHS in 2009 and has come back to us now as a stray with several treatable medical issues, including significant hair loss. We don’t know what his life has been while he’s been away, but we do know he’s a sweet boy who deserves a forever family who will give him the loving home he deserves. Roscoe is an eight-year-old Terrier mix. Just imagine how cute he will be once his coat is full again. Here he was on Sunday thoroughly enjoying the attention given to him by Jessica and Gracie.

DSC_27262 Roscoe Roscoe




Don’t be put off by my scar, I’m fine now!

Osa, a stray three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, arrived at the shelter on May 16th and was quite a mess. She had several lumps on her body, an ear infection, and a body rash. Yet, even with moderate health issues, she was friendly and obviously loved getting attention. Now, after successful removal of the lumps, treated ears and rash, Osa is one happy dog and ready to love a family of her own. Osa is house-trained and walks well on leash. She is highly treat-motivated, so there is great fun in teaching her new skills. She needs to be the only pet in the family, but is so gentle with people, kids eight and older will do well with our girl. Osa’s favorite thing in the whole world is spending time either inside or out with people. She enjoys games of fetch, but doesn’t seem to be a pool dog. She loves car rides. Today Marianne took Osa out to the big yard and I tagged along to take some pictures. Later Caroline joined us. We have all fallen in love with this big, goofy girl. Her kennel presentation isn’t great, as she can be a bit shy at first meeting, but we’re hoping that a family will realize what a gem she really is.

Page_2 (1)DSC_29512 DSC_29912  DSC_29522  DSC_30542 Page_1 Page_3 (1) Page_4 Page_5DSC_30402




I’m hoping a special person will find me and take me home.

This little man has grabbed a piece of my heart. His name is Gordon and he is a two-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix. He came to us through our partnership with ASPCA and had been found in California as a stray. He was adopted by a family last week, but was returned because he was fearful, especially of the children. The family liked him, said he listened and walked very well on leash, but needs an adult-only home. And so Gordon is back, hoping that his next home will be his forever one. Caitlin had fun with him on Sunday. I’m hoping a patient, understanding, lover of fearful dogs will come and take this sweet boy home.

DSC_27322 DSC_27272GordonI fell for him last week when he came up to me in a yard, put his paw on my knee and looked up at me.





I’ve been here a while getting help on learning to relax and not be scared. I’ve improved so much!

Gordo is a two-year-old Boxer/Mastiff mix who arrived at the shelter afraid of everyone and everything. He would move to the back of his kennel when someone came to greet him and he looked so sad. But what a difference patience and love make! And then there was the discovery of Gordo’s love of tennis balls! Now this staff and volunteer favorite is braver, happier, and ready for a forever home. He is house-trained and has a good history with other dogs, both big and little. He was extremely respectful of Ledi in playgroup when he chased her tennis ball, but then let her have it when she wanted it. He is looking for a family with older kids who will play fetch with him. He’d also love to attend some of the training classes at the shelter with his new person. Here he is with Daniel and some action shots playing fetch with Marianne.

Gordo Gordo Gordo Gordo Gordo Gordo Gordo Gordo




A few brief introductions of some new arrivals!

Holly is a three-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei mix. Here she is with Jessica.

Holly Holly Holly


Moscow is a five-year-old Terrier mix. Here he is with Marianne.

Moscow Moscow


Zoe is a two-year-old Miniature Dachshund mix. Here she is with Kylie.

Zoe Zoe Zoe


Daisy Mae is a six-year-old Coonhound mix. Here she is with Marianne.

Daisy Mae Daisy Mae Daisy Mae


That’s it for this week!

Kimmy and KatieRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

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