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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

First, a word from our sponsors…

happy-thanksgiving-from-dogs2-2Betty and Rosco are really hoping that during the upcoming holidays their perfect families will find them and take them home.


We had fourteen dog adoptions last week! Here are those who were Blog dogs!


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On Saturday, Marianne and I took two WHS shelter dogs, Shorty and Lucy, on an adventure — the kickoff of Capitol Subaru of Salem’s “Share The Love” Event. For the third year in a row, WHS was chosen by Capitol Subaru to be their hometown charity. For every car sold or leased between now and January 3, the buyer can choose from four national charities or WHS for a Subaru gift of $250 to our shelter! We were so proud of what good dogs Shorty and Lucy were during the event. Most of Shorty’s time was spent on my lap or posing for pictures, a perfect WHS spokesdog!

dsc_49162 dsc_49182

Here’s Shorty with staff member, Meredith.

dsc_49252“Boy! Being a spokesdog for WHS is exhausting! Think I’ll take a little rest.”

dsc_49262 dsc_49292

The day after Shorty’s fun at Capitol Subaru, his forever family found him. I happened to be at the shelter at the time and could tell them what a wonderful boy he had been the day before and they were so happy to hear about it. Here they were about to go home. I think he’s going to be VERY happy!

dsc_51282 dsc_51452 dsc_51482





I went to the Capitol Subaru event, too! But I haven’t been adopted yet.

Marianne and I were so proud of Lucy on Saturday. She was such a little trooper, posing and being the sweet senior Beagle that she is!

dsc_49062dsc_49182Lucy is nine years old and looking for a retirement home where she can spend the rest of her life hanging out with her family. She does fine with children, though she’d prefer older, gentle children. She does not care for cats. Lucy lost her best Beagle friend several years ago, so a home with another gentle dog would be perfect for her. Lucy is house-trained and even litter-trained! (Imagine that!) She will be so easy to have around, as she no longer needs long walks or an active lifestyle. Her perfect day was like the one she had on Saturday…take a ride, sit while people admire her and pet her, then take a snooze. We’re hoping Lucy will soon go home with a forever family.





Do I wanna take a walk? I sure do! And how about a game of fetch?

I wrote about Rosco, one of my current favorites, earlier this month, but still he has not been found by his forever family. So on Sunday I decided to take him out in the big yard and, with Marianne’s help, get some action shots of this amazing athlete. Rosco is a four-year-old Dutch Shepherd mix who acts more like a goofy youngster than an adult. Rosco is looking for a home where he can be the only pet. He came to us through our partnership with ASPCA and was uneasy when he arrived, but has improved so much. His tense posture in the kennel melts when you ask, “Hey Rosco, wanna go for a walk?” His whole body immediately wiggles with excitement and happiness. Rosco will need a family with older kids, thirteen and up. He loved our time outside together as you’ll see.


After some fetch, it was time for Catch This Ball!

Rosco Rosco Rosco Rosco Rosco

What a fantastic dog Rosco is! He can’t wait for his new family to find him so they can play fetch and catch with him!





We don’t have to go home together, but if you need two seniors who will be the best dogs you ever had…just sayin’.

Sara and Yoshi are Lab mixes that arrived at WHS together from another shelter. Sara is ten and Yosi is eight. We don’t know how long they’ve been together and the staff thinks they will do fine without each other, but how neat it would be if they could stay together in their new home! Sara is the boss of Yoshi; after all, she’s older than he is. She orders him around, but Yoshi doesn’t mind. They get along fine together, but both can be picky about other dog friends and neither one likes little dogs or cats. They are house-trained, though Sara needs to go out frequently, so would do best in a home where someone was there most of the time. They would be easy to have around, as they don’t need long walks anymore. Short strolls would be fine and then just relaxing with their peeps would be ideal for these two seniors. They are both calm and gentle. Here they were last week with Sandra (Yoshi) and Marianne (Sara).

Sara and Yoshi Sara and Yoshi

Here they were on Sunday with Elizabeth and Shannon.

Sara and Yoshi

Taking a walk together…

Sara and Yoshi

…with Yoshi’s tail over Sara.

Sara and Yoshi

I haven’t been able to get Yoshi to smile yet.

YoshiBut Sara does.





Are you looking for a great dog to practice your positive training skills with? Pick ME!

Have you been wishing for a dog who was full of life and just waiting to be trained in a positive, reward-based way? Well, meet Hank. I met Hank for the first time on Sunday. He was found as a stray and had just arrived at the shelter. He is about one year old and a Lab mix. This boy thinks everything is meant to be jumped on, including people. He does know what “sit” and “down” mean and will actually hold them for a nanosecond. But oh, what a great dog he will become with the right guidance! Hank is playful, eager and has so much energy. Here he was with Linda on Sunday. He has such wonderful potential!

Hank Hank Hank Hank





Here are some other shelter dogs waiting for their forever homes.
All of the following dogs are waiting for you at Willamette Humane Society. If one of them touches your heart, please come and meet them soon. Shelter hours are Mon., Thurs., Fri, 12:00 – 7:00 pm and Sat./Sun. 12:00 – 6:00 pm.


This is Maya, a six-year-old Retriever mix, here with Marianne.

Maya Maya



This is Chaplin, a one-year-old American Bulldog mix. Here he is with Francis.

Chaplin Chaplin



This is Yuki, a nine-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix, here with Marianne.

Yuki Yuki Yuki



This is Chance, an eleven-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Here he is with Marianne.

Chance Chance



This is Richie, a one-year-old Retriever mix hanging out with Jolene.

dsc_54552 dsc_54432



This is Clover, a one-year-old Border Collie mix. Here she is with Marianne.

dsc_54002 dsc_53882






If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will remember Jax well. This favorite of many was a “project” dog. He was surrendered to WHS in early December 2015. He was adopted once and returned. He had many fears and anxieties, making a successful adoption a challenge. The Behavior Training team and other volunteers worked with Jax and he became one of the all-time favorite dogs of the shelter. Finally last June, his perfect person found him and he went home. On Sunday Jax and his mom came to visit.


As you can imagine, there were lots of volunteers and staff who were thrilled to see our “Project Boy.” The pictures say it all.

Jax visits Jax visits Jax visits Jax visits Jax visits Jax visits Jax visits Jax visitsJax visitsIt was a very happy reunion!

On that happy note, Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week!


Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.
You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com