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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

We’ve had some wonderful adoptions in the weeks before Christmas. One of these happened on Sunday when our sweet Scarlett went home. She was returned when her family moved and couldn’t take her. She had been very stressed back at the shelter, so when I saw her being visited by this family, I asked if I could take their picture in case they decided to take her home, and decide they did! She actually belongs to the grandmother, but these three girls will be spending a lot of time with her, too!




I’ve been here waiting for you for quite a while. Will you be coming soon?

Twister is a three-year-old mixed breed boy who hasn’t had the easiest of lives or the most stable. He’s been in several homes and so badly wants a forever family with people who will love him and and give him the happy life he deserves. Twister is an outgoing, eager boy who LOVES to run, play with toys, hang out with people and play with other dogs who fit his play style. He is house-trained and even has lived successfully with cats! He will make a terrific jogging, hiking, or running partner and would thoroughly enjoy going on any adventure with his peeps. Older children will be best for his energy level. This is Twister’s second stay at WHS and we’re all hoping it’ll be his last once he’s found by his perfect family. On Sunday Marianne, Caroline and I spent some quality time with Twister and we all were smitten.





My name is Tyke and I’m available to brighten your world!

Tyke is a happy-go-lucky, the-glass-is-half-full kind of dog. He is a two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He is house-trained and while he has lots of energy to burn, he knows several commands and listens to human and other dogs’ corrections. Lee, one of our play group trainers, took Tyke home for a respite and found Tyke to be appropriately responsive to all three of his dogs. In fact, after being sharply corrected by Lee’s elderly, toothless Dachshund for accidentally lying on his bed, Tyke spent the rest of his visit avoiding Chewy, giving him a wide berth and averting his eyes when near Chewy. Tyke would do best with older children due to his exuberance. Marianne and I took him into Mary’s Place for some relaxing time on Sunday. We mentioned that he had a most interesting half-smile, and then he explained.

Tyke will need an active family and would love to attend some WHS training classes to work on curbing some of his enthusiasm. But he really is a good boy! Here are a couple of pictures from the week before.





I’m Savannah and I may be just the dog you’ve been looking for!

Savannah is a Treeing Tennessee Brindle mix. She is about a year old, is eager to please and very gentle. She loves cheese and people. In fact, she seems to love people more than other dogs. Savannah is gentle and will make a terrific family companion for kids eight or so. Since she seems to have been overlooked by potential adopters, we decided it was time for her to star in her own movie. I was amazed at how much patience she showed when hoping for a treat as I filmed her.





Blossom is an absolute delight! She is about a year old and was transferred to us from a shelter in California. We don’t know her history, but she must have been loved at some point, as she is extremely responsive, happy and eager to please. She sits immediately when asked and seemed to enjoy posing for my pictures. She has a cold at the moment, so is in the ISO kennels, but oh, what joy she will bring some lucky family who adopts her!




Stryder is a very sweet two-year-old Hound mix. He will need a home with a very high fence (he can climb an eight-foot fence!). He is very affectionate with people. Here he is with Patty.




Hunter is a two-year-old mixed breed dog who has become very stressed at the shelter. He is such a good boy, but will need a family who will work to make him feel safe and secure. He loves the Giant Fluff Ball and uses it as a pacifier while in Mary’s Place. We’re hoping this sweet boy will go to his forever home very soon.


That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com