Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

I happened to be at the shelter on Sunday when volunteer Krystal arrived with her foster dog, Roxie, to meet a potential adopter. The lady and her daughter had driven three hours to meet our sweet senior girl and everyone was very excited. It was love at first sight. I snapped this picture when they arrived.

DSC_03622It wasn’t long before the adoption was underway.

Page_1 Page_2 Page_3After everything had been discussed and signed and a few happy tears were shed, the new family headed home. Krystal got an update call on Monday and reported: “Everything is going great. She’s adjusting really well and they love her. She said Roxie loves snuggling in her electric blanket and is very content and happy.” Such a happily-ever-after adoption!


There were a total of ten dog adoptions during the past week. Here were the Blog Dogs.

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I’m much braver now than I was when I arrived here!

The first walking buddies I saw out on Sunday were volunteer Emily and Scruffers, a five-year-old Shih Tzu Terrier mix. Scruffers is a bit shy, but once he gets to know you, he’s an absolute delight. At ten pounds, he’s a cuddly lap dog, but does enjoy going for walks. He has relaxed a lot since his arrival at the shelter and has a spring in his step now when he takes his walks. Scruffers has lived happily with kids, cats, and other dogs. He will need some help in having a regular schedule with house-training, as he occasionally had accidents in his previous home. Emily thoroughly enjoyed her time with this little guy.


Scruffers Scruffers




I’m new and I’d like to tell you a little about myself.

Meet Copper, a three-year-old purebred Beagle who is looking for a new family. Caitlin and I laughed a lot while taking pictures of Copper, as he had a lot to say. As a Beagle, he has a wonderful “singing” voice and loves to follow his nose. He is treat-motivated, which may explain why he needs to lose a little weight, but that will make him easy to train. Copper is friendly, happy, and has a great sense of humor. He has a good history with children and other dogs. We’re hoping a lover of Beagles will scoop this boy up really quickly!

Page_5 Page_1 Page_2And here was Copper today with Kathy. Yep, still talking!





Yep, it’s me, Dodger, or Dapper Dodger as some of my peeps call me!

There are so many Dodger faces! Here he is trying a new one out on us. I thought it was pretty effective. If you follow my posts, you know that Dodger is an eight-year-old Boxer mix who has been in shelter life for over six years. He moved to Salem hoping to finally find his forever home. Dodger has earned his Canine Good Citizenship certificate and is house-trained, but needs a home without cats. He enjoys playing with active dogs. We’re all doing our best to help him find his perfect fit of a home. Caroline, Marianne and I hung out with him on Sunday.

Page_4DSC_03232 DSC_03252 DSC_03202Here Dodger was today with Sandra.





I’m a Hound. What do you expect?

Pepper Jack has quickly become a favorite of many at the shelter. He has just landed in a foster home which he is loving. Staff member Sarah mentioned to me that he was her current favorite dog. When I asked her why, she talked about his affectionate and clownish personality, his satin-like coat, and his happy-go-lucky outlook on life. He is definitely not an apartment candidate, due to his talkative nature. Pepper Jack is a four-year-old Whippet mix who gets lonely (and more talkative) when left alone, so a retired or stay-at-home person would be his perfect fit. Here he was on Sunday hanging out with Caitlin.

Page_3We all get a hoot out of his singing. Here he was on his way to play group a few days ago. In case you don’t understand Dog Speak, here’s the translation:

“OMG! OMG! I’m going to plaaaaay group! I looooove play group! Did you hear meeeee? I said I loooooove play group!”


I was thrilled today when Pepper Jack’s foster mom sent me the following update.

“My husband and I are currently fostering Mr. Pepper Jack and I wanted to give you a quick update on him for the blog along with some new photos of him relaxing at home.
He is truly the best of both worlds. He is energetic, lively and extremely playful when we’re outside on walks and at the dog park. He is a big goof with a big heart.  We’re still working through appropriate barking (smaller, fluffy dogs seem to be a trigger for major hound-dog barking) but his leash skills have improved tremendously in a couple of days with the introduction of a harness.  
He’s also very relaxed once inside the house.  It took a full day to let his guard down completely, but now, as you can see in the photos, he’s a couch potato in the making. 🙂 He coexists with our beagle, Lady, and they’re perfect housemates as they’re both a little aloof and would prefer to snuggle with people versus another dog.  He sleeps through the night like a champ in his crate and doesn’t make any noise.
He does continue to have some separation anxieties, but we’re working through them. We have found him to be trustworthy enough to leave him free roam of the house with the beagle while we’re gone versus crating him.  We’ve also found that a Thunder Shirt helps, too.  
He’s going to be the perfect addition to a hound-savvy home that is looking for a dog with so much to offer.  
Hope he finds his perfect home soon!”

And now…Mr. Couch Potato himself!

IMG_00292 IMG_00172 IMG_00242-2




I’m a youngster looking for a a home with adults to love!

Fozzy Bear is a six-month-old American Cocker Spaniel who can’t wait to be adopted. He’s active, as cute as a button, and well-behaved. He is getting some medical care for his eyes. Marianne gave him a bath on Sunday and reported he was a perfectly behaved little guy. He had fun with Caitlin on Sunday. I have a feeling he won’t be hanging around the shelter for long.

DSC_02812Here Fozzy was today, hanging out with Sandra. His eyes are looking much, much better already.

DSC_04122 DSC_04212Sometimes you just need to flop on the grass.





I’m not going to look at you, Martha. I’m just NOT!

Juno is a three-year-old Chihuahua mix who absolutely will not look at me when I am holding my camera. It must look like a giant eye to him, and he’ll have no part of it. Juno is a seven-pound lap dog who is quite shy at first, but soon is hopping into your arms. He is a bit overwhelmed when he sees other dogs and can be vocal, but quickly settles when the “threat” is gone. Loud noises can startle him, so a quiet and calm home would be best for this little guy. He is one of our ASPCA transfers from California, so we don’t know his history, but he’s been waiting for a new family since January 10th. Emily and Natilia both enjoyed time with him during the last week.

DSC_02862Juno Juno Juno Juno




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

Today Caroline chose a newbie for her pick. Meet Mia, a VERY active nine-month-old Hound mix youngster. Mia needs a job or activity to keep her out of trouble. To help with this, her adoption package includes a class called “Check In and Chill Out.” Mia is looking for an active family without cats, chickens, or livestock (she loves to play chase and can jump a four-foot fence). With all that said, she loves older children and being treat-motivated, she’ll be fun to train. She has a great sense of humor and a nose she loves to follow. We’re hoping that Mia will find her perfect fit of a home soon.

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I’m a little shy, but give me some time and I’ll be your best lap dog EVER!

I first met Zelda while she was getting over a cold in the ISO kennels. She was one of our ASPCA transfer dogs from California and something about her made me love her instantly. I was very happy when she got adopted quickly. However, she is back at the shelter because she is too nervous around small children and other dogs. So Zelda is looking for a home where she can be the only pet and one with older children or just adults. Zelda is house-trained and loves to cuddle. She will be an easy dog to have around, as all she needs are some walks around the neighborhood and then your lap in the evening. Here she was with Natilia this afternoon. I’m hoping she’ll soon be adopted again, this time into her forever home.

DSC_04852 DSC_04732

That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

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