Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Willamette Humane Society had some BIG adoption news on Monday. Not one, but TWO very special dogs got adopted on the same day! First, Joker, our sweet Shepherd boy who has experienced three different long-term stays at the shelter and foster homes, FINALLY got his forever home. His new person understands his needs to keep his skin condition under control and knows what to do. All of us who love Joker are over the moon that he finally is really home. I was thrilled to be at the shelter during his adoption. He’s going to be having wonderful hiking adventures with his new family and will have the life he’s always wished for! When I asked his new mom how she’d heard about Joker, she said she’d read about him on this blog! 🙂

DSC_07282 Joker

And that’s not all! On Sunday afternoon Caroline, Marianne and I spent some quality time with Dodger. This boy had been waiting to be adopted for six and a half years in another shelter when he arrived at ours several weeks ago. We all fell hard for this big, goofy dog with the huge smile. While we sat outside on a bench and visited, he seemed to know something we didn’t.

Dodger's wish (1)And Monday afternoon he went home! If you are wondering if a dog who has lived in a shelter for almost seven years will be able to adjust to a home, check out the picture his family sent to me on Monday evening. And if you look closely, you’ll see his beloved Jolly Ball on the table. Could he be any more relaxed?

12640404_545703295596765_9131187387093357539_o2Can you tell he’s happy?


Besides these two thrilling adoptions, there were eleven more. Here are all the ones who were Blog Dogs.

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I’m ready for a real home now!

If you read my posts regularly, you know our Opie very well. After his successful leg surgery to repair a muscle tear, he has been recovering in volunteer Sherrie’s foster home. He is now ready to start a new life with a family of his own. This week BJ Andersen, our Executive Director, sent this letter to WHS supporters:

Opie Needs a HomeHere is Sherrie’s latest picture of Opie on her couch.

12631347_10153254237852026_1781157404158346609_n2And here is the movie I made about him before his surgery.

Let’s all work together to get this very special boy a great home!




I’m looking for a lap where I can retire.

I only met Stitch once before he left for a foster home, but oh my, did I fall in love. Stitch is an eight-year-old Miniature Dachshund who weighs in at seven pounds. He’d like any potential adopter to know that he has some arthritis in his back, but he’s not in pain. His favorite place to be is in your arms or in your lap where he’ll sit for as long as you’ll let him. So if you are in need of a cuddle buddy, Stitch is your guy! Here he is with Marianne the day he arrived at the shelter.






I’m also a senior, but I will love you just as much as a youngster!

Ruby was found as a stray, so we don’t know much about her, but we do know that she is as sweet as a dog can be. She is about eleven years old and as you can tell, she’s a Beagle. This girl won’t be much trouble. She walks well on leash, is gentle and scored very well on her behavior assessment. She will be a wonderful companion for someone looking for a new best friend. As you can see, Esme really likes her, too!





Marianne’s Pick of the Week!

Caroline was gone today, so Marianne got to choose a Pick of the Week and it was beautiful newbie, Betty. This calm, sweet girl is a seven-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. She is one of our ASPCA transfers, so we don’t know her history, but she must have been loved, as she is affectionate and trusting. She walks well on leash and sits when asked. She loved my treats. Since it was raining outside, we decided to take some indoor pics and she couldn’t have been more cooperative. As you no doubt can guess, Marianne and I both really enjoyed spending time with Betty.

DSC_00652 DSC_00702 DSC_00822Here she was last Sunday with Linda, another one of Betty’s new fans.





I may be little, I may be young, but I’m ready to be your new best friend!

Meet Eliana, an eight-month, eight-pound Chihuahua mix who can’t wait to have a family to call her own. This youngster is quite shy and thinks that being in a person’s arms or in their lap is just perfect. Another California transfer whose history we don’t know, Eliana will need a calm home with an understanding family wiling to give her the time she needs to gain confidence. Daniel got a kick out of this little bundle of puppy.


Eliana Eliana




No, I don’t know why my ears are this way, but don’t you think it’s cute?

The first thing I noticed about JJ when I met him was his ears. One is always up, the other down. He doesn’t know why, either, but says it’s always been that way. JJ is a two-year-old Dachshund mix who weighs eighteen pounds. In his previous home, he lived with another dog, cats, and kids, but he’d really rather have his peeps to himself, as he’s quite the cuddler. He does have a good history with children over ten. Here he was on Sunday with Diane. Something told me that I’d met JJ before.

DSC_08292 DSC_08252I HAD met JJ before! Here he was when he was at WHS as a puppy two years ago. Yep, same ears. 🙂





I’m very cute, at least that’s what Caitlin says!

Squirt is a two-year-old Silky Terrier mix. He is feeling stressed being in the shelter and so we’re hoping he’ll find a new home very quickly. At a mere seven pounds, this little guy will fit neatly in your lap. He is house-trained. He has lived with young kids and has a good history with them. He likes other dogs, but not cats, thank you very much. He probably should not be an apartment dog, as he barks at first when left alone, but then settles down and sleeps. He loves having a fenced back yard to play fetch in. Caitlin and I hope that Squirt will soon be in a new home that will be his forever one.





I won’t be much trouble. I just need a quiet home.

This little guy is named Taz and, at only four pounds, he’s one of the tiniest dogs I’ve seen in quite a while. Taz is a four-year-old Chihuahua mix. He is very nervous and shy, so will need a calm, quiet home. He’d really like to be the only pet in either an adult home or one with older children, who will be patient with him and give him the space and socialization that he needs to gain in self-confidence. Taz likes being held and is quite the little cuddler. Here he was with Jolene on Sunday.

DSC_06382Taz Taz




I’m ready for action! I’m ready for a new home with peeps who will help me grow up into the best Beagle ever!

Diane brought Silver out to meet me on Sunday. Silver was found as a stray, and is about nine months old. He is a Beagle through and through, loving to follow his nose. In play group, it took him some time to become comfortable, but once he was, he enjoyed romping, often checking in with the humans. Silver is a bit shy and anxious at first meeting, so a family with older children would be best. He will need people who will give him the exercise he needs. He will love walking around the neighborhood with his peeps. He’s a very handsome boy!






I may not look like it, but I’m still a puppy!

Oh my. Trying to take indoor pictures of puppy Theodore today was quite the challenge! Just ask Marianne! This six-month-old puppy is an Australian Cattle Dog/Akita mix who is going to grow into a BIG boy! Theo is happy, healthy, and excited to explore the world…or the room he’s in at the moment. Treats? Loves them! Toys? Loves them. Sitting for a nanosecond for a picture? Not so much! Theo is house-trained and has a great history with other dogs and kids (though with his size and exuberant personality, it better be older children!) Marianne and I both fell in love with this goofy youngster, but I was exhausted after trying to capture pictures of him as he bounced up and down. Theo will need an active family (and a cat-free one) willing to give him the attention and training he needs. WHS classes would be perfect for him and his new person. Theo is going to grow up into a wonderful adult!

DSC_01122DSC_01172 DSC_01082

That’s it for this week!




Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

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