Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Happy Spring! Both the volunteers and shelter dogs are looking forward to warmer and drier days ahead for walking! In the meantime, seven of our dogs were adopted during the past week and five of them were Blog Dogs. Here they are:

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Although Ruby won’t be going home until Thursday after she is spayed, her new family came to spend time with her on Sunday and I got this picture of them. Ruby (right) can’t wait to start playing with her new brother!





Anyone looking for a Hound Dog? Well, you’ve found me! Come and take me home!

Jake is looking for just the right home for his lifestyle. He needs someone who will continue to work with him through positive training to become the very best Treeing Walker Coondog mix he can be. At two years old, Jake is a house-trained, exuberant young boy who is looking for fun adventures with his new peep. Volunteer Linda has been working with him and reports that he is doing better and better with listening to her instructions. He finds it so dang hard to pay attention when there is so much to sniff and other dogs to watch. Jake loves to play with rope toys and balls and will romp as long as you are willing to play with him. He doesn’t seem to have learned many playgroup manners with other dogs yet. He is a rough and rowdy player and because of his sometimes over-the-top play style, he can be too much for some dogs. He’d really benefit being with a dog who would not be overwhelmed and would remind him when he crosses the line of good manners. Not surprisingly, Jake also needs a cat-free home. Because of his energy and size, he’ll also need a family with older (13+) kids. While Jake is somewhat of a “project” dog, he’s so worth the effort. He is happy, he LOVES people, and is trying to curb his enthusiasm a tad. We hope just the right person will fall in love with this big, goofy Hound. Here are Linda and Jake working together today.

Jake (1)

DSC_35882 DSC_35892





It turns out I like to go swimming! Who would have thought?

Remember sweet Stormy from last week’s post? He’s an eight-year-old Lab mix who is looking for his perfect retirement home. He gets along well with everyone and is listed as PG +5. He’s looking for peeps who are home most of the time. When he’s left alone, he is quite vocal, so apartment life is not an option for this boy.

StormyLast week Stormy got to be Jolene’s Swim Dog and he loved it! Here is Jolene’s report:

“Stormy went to his first swim class today at Bailey’s Journey and he had a wonderful time! He really likes the water and thoroughly enjoyed chasing after the ball. He’s a strong swimmer, but was one tired dog when we were done. Stormy rides very nicely in the car, and is an affectionate, well-behaved boy. Every time he came out of the pool he had to make sure I was just as wet as he was! Very sweet 8-year-old lab mix who will be a terrific companion.”

stormy12 stormy22 stormy32And that’s not all of Stormy’s adventures this week! He was also a Spring Break Camp Dog for teens. Catherine, our shelter Behavior Program Director said, “Stormy was a ROCKSTAR with the kids. A bit overexcited at first – gentle mouthiness easily solved by having him carry a big ball. Once he settled, he had gentlemanly manners with all the kids. Enjoyed the handling, attention and walking. Sweet boy. Well trained. Does not pull on leash.” What a great dog Stormy is in so many ways!




I’m still here, waiting for the right home! Read about me and see if it’s YOUR home!

If you are a regular reader of my blog posts, you know I’ve written about Reuben, a ten-month-old German Shepherd mix several times. He arrived at the shelter with no self-confidence, but has improved greatly since then. He now loves playgroup with rowdy dogs that he is comfortable with. Because he still needs more experiences with other dogs, a playgroup package is included in his adoption. He still is very uncomfortable around younger children, so if his new family has kids, they will need to be thirteen or older. Reuben is house-trained. He will make some lucky person a loyal, devoted best friend. He has many, many fans at the shelter, including Daniel and me. Today I worked with him in our shelter dog training class and he did so well! He was attentive and very willing to work on learning new skills. He’s such a good dog!

Reuben Reuben




Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Yes, this is the latest hot style in dog cones! Everyone who sees Bryan out for his walk bursts out laughing at the sight. Thankfully, it’s usually out of Bryan’s earshot and he doesn’t realize people are laughing at him. Bryan has come a long way during his time at the shelter. He is a seven-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. Since he had been an outdoor dog his whole life, he didn’t have any manners when he first arrived. He didn’t know how to walk on leash politely, how to sit when asked, or how to take treats politely. Volunteers and staff have been working with Bryan and he’s been picking up new skills and having fun doing it. One of the biggest problems was that he didn’t want to return to his kennel after his times outside. But playing a treat-based game of in-and-out has eliminated this issue and he now walks into his kennel happily. Bryan will need a family with older kids (thirteen and older), no cats, and he really wants to be the only dog in the home. He enjoyed his time with Tyler on Sunday.





I’m still going for short walks so that my good leg becomes stronger!

Everybody loves Bobbin! This four-year-old Lab mix was born with his left front leg deformed, so while he’s a little slower than other dogs, he still enjoys short walks with frequent stops to rest, then curling up with his peeps. Since he didn’t get much exercise in his previous home, he gets tired quickly, so will need an understanding family who will gradually build up his endurance on his good front leg. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bobbin when he wasn’t smiling! Caitlin is one of his biggest fans.

DSC_35122 DSC_35152




Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

Daniel has been waiting a long time to have Jax as his pick of the week and was thrilled when this week Jax was adoptable. Jax, a one-year-old Australian Kelpie mix, arrived at the shelter last December 3rd frightened and nervous. He was extremely shy, anxious about anything new, and fearful of sudden movements or noises. What a long way our sweet Jax has come since then. This is not to say Jax has overcome all of his timidity. It still takes him time to warm up to a new person. But he has improved enough that we believe in the right home, Jax will flourish. Jax has become such a favorite of so many at the shelter that he even has his own behavior team of staff and volunteers working with him to continue to build his confidence. And our help won’t stop once he’s adopted. His adoption package includes weekly coaching appointments along with his person to help ensure his progress in social skills. So what is the right home for our Jax? Since he is especially nervous around men and children, a home with a woman and without kids is what we are hoping for. And since Jax LOVES other dogs and is a rough and rowdy player, going to a home with another big and exuberant dog pal would be ideal. Once Jax gets to know you, you will not find a more affectionate, loving, playful boy. We are hoping to find Jax his forever home very soon. He’s been waiting for his perfect fit of a person for a long time. Daniel and Marianne are two of Jax’s biggest fans.

DSC_00572Jax LOVES to play with his giant Kong, and we love to watch him.

Jax Jax Jax Jax Jax Jax Jax




I’m new here, but Martha said I did great in my photo shoot!

On Sunday, Jolene and I both fell for little Betty, a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who, at forty-one pounds, is the perfect lap dog. Since she came to us from another shelter, we don’t know her history, but she is a shy, sweet girl who is looking forward to finding a family of her own. She does need some training, but she seems smart and eager to please, so positive training should be a breeze. To help both her and her new family start her training and bonding, her adoption package includes a WHS class called Check-In and Chill-Out. We’re hoping Betty will soon be cuddling with her new family.

DSC_00312 DSC_00362 DSC_00352




I’ve been a mother for the last time. Now it’s MY turn to shine!

This is Carmen, a five-year-old American Bull Dog mix who came to us from another shelter where she wasn’t adopted. Carmen recently had the last litter of puppies she’ll ever have, and now that they’ve been adopted, she’s ready for a family of her own where SHE can be the star. Carmen is very shy when she first meets a new person, so will need a family with older children (eight and up) who will give her the space and time she needs to feel comfortable in a new home with new people. When she feels secure, she is calm and gentle and enjoyed relaxing with Marianne and me after her photo session. We’re hoping that this sweet girl will get a loving home very soon.

Carmen Carmen Carmen Carmen  Carmen




Clancy’s the name! How about adopting me?

This handsome fellow is Clancy who was found as a stray and is now accepting applications for a new home. Since he is an energetic sixty-six pounds and hasn’t had much training, he’ll need some positive-based work on walking politely on leash. However, since Clancy LOVES all treats, and is one smart cookie, training shouldn’t take long. He is happy, playful and about one year old. Caitlin and I hope an active family looking for adventures will adopt Clancy soon!

DSC_01042Clancy Clancy




Look at this face…

Gemma GemmaAre you smitten? This is Gemma, a six-month-old Border Collie/Dalmatian mix youngster. Yep, she’s adorable and did I mention she’s a six-month-old puppy? Did I mention she is a Border Collie and Dalmatian combination? If you are up to puppy-training and house-training, we’ll help you out by including a Check-In and Chill-Out class in her adoption. If you are still not deterred by her age or breeds, then this sweetheart could become your best friend and devoted companion. She does sit for a nanosecond when asked and will even lie down for half of a nanosecond before jumping up into your lap to give you kisses. Luckily she thinks treats are the best thing ever. Oh, and she’s lived with cats (they better be dog-savvy and hardy!), loves dogs and children (the kids should be at least ten and hardy!) Needless to say, Marianne and I were both head-over-heels in love and exhausted after Gemma’s photo session!


Gemma Gemma Gemma




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

Caroline did not hesitate when I asked her whom she was going to choose as her pick this week. Meet Jet, a one-year-old Lab mix who is just about the happiest dog at WHS. Jet came to us from a shelter in Washington, so we don’t know his history, but from what we’ve seen of his personality so far, he’s a star! Caroline reports that his manners are almost perfect. He walks great on leash, takes treats politely, sits and lies down when asked and when you sit with him, he leans against you. Jet scored very well on his behavior assessment and except for being a bit jumpy in his excitement to meet a new person, he is extremely well behaved. I agree with Caroline, this youngster is on his way to being a fantastic family member.

DSC_36382 DSC_36282 DSC_36312 DSC_36272




No, I’m not a small horse, I really am a dog…REALLY!

This is Hemi, our resident gentle giant. Hemi is a seven-year-old, eighty-one pound, Greyhound/German Shorthaired Pointer mix. He has a wonderful history with kids and loves other dogs. He is very well trained and immediately sits and lies down when asked. He is strong and loves to explore and hike, but can also be calm and quiet. While he has never actually lived with a cat, he has been around them and respects their space and does not chase them. He loves people (especially children) and is looking for a loving home to spend his retirement years. But before he actually retires, how about some hikes and adventures? Kim fell in love with Hemi today and so did I.

DSC_36142 DSC_35952 DSC_36112 DSC_36002


That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

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